DSM interno!

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Abarth, AMG and Brabus Mercedes, Irmscher Opel, RS Audi or M BMW – Buell, Egli or Rickman – who doesn’t know them?

In the course of automobile and motorcycle history, numerous independent or group-owned “engine whisperers” have repeatedly endeavoured to “refine” great vehicles even further.

We are proud to be able to offer something in our very special youngtimer segment, the Fiat Barchetta, that makes the Barchetta, which is not exactly boring by nature, a car that can keep up with the “big ones”: the DSM-Barchetta with increased displacement – the “DSM interno” engine.

In the highest configuration STEP DSM-5 (see here), with real (EWG 801269!)

  • approx. 130 kW (180 PS),
  • i.e. a mass performance (“power-to-weight ratio”) of only 8.7 kg/kW (6.4 kg/hp),
  • approx. 200 Nm torque almost plate-shaped from 2,800 to 6,800 rpm and
  • a top speed of approx. 240 km/h (with original gearbox until the standard electronic speed limiter applies)

the Barchetta gets a characteristic that really fits to the classic racial-elegant Italian Zapatinas design.

Whether the DSM interno, which can’t be seen from the outside of the engine housing, should fit into the original appearance of the Barchetta (pure understatement), or whether technically sensible additions such as modified chassis (see here) and brakes (see here), which are adapted to the more than a third higher performance, shows the Barchetta also externally as a DSM-Barchetta (among other small “distinctive signs”), is entirely in your hands.

In any case, when you enjoy gliding on the small winding country road or when accelerating and pushing the limits on the motorway, you will see what the DSM-Barchetta is all about: DSM interno!

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