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updated: 2018-12-04a

Current: Front brake kit at a lucrative price

Since not everyone is prepared to invest too much money in the brake system, we have developed a brake system at a reasonable price, which will probably be around 1200.- €.

The registration is possible by single acceptance with us in the house.

As the modification only needs to be carried out by experienced workshops, we also recommend to have this done by us with a date planned in advance for the registration.

If the rear brake discs are worn, the kit can of course be delivered with new discs – the surcharge depends on the choice of discs (we recommend Brembo x-tra or Tarox Sport Japan).

The kit consists of the following components:

  • 2 brake discs Brembo Standard or (at surcharge) Tarox Sport Japan front – diameter 280 mm (standard: 257 mm)


(Fig.: Tarox Japan Sport S – Size comparison to series / DSM kit)

  • 2 brake calipers with piston diameter 57 mm incl. brake pads Brembo



(Fig.: Comparison brake pads series Barchetta large pliers – DSM-Kit)

  • 2 Brake caliper adapter made by DSM

  • 2 brake calipers rear diameter 38 mm (series: 34 mm) with pads

Further information on braking

Even those who are less likely to spur on the Barchetta should pay some attention to this issue – because everyone is happy if the brakes do a good job. In the following we would like to point out different variations:

The simplest: brake fluid with a higher boiling point results in better and more resistant brake pressure (e.g. ATE type 200 – replaces the well-known blue racing brake fluid).

As the standard rubber lines age and should be replaced regularly, it is advisable to improve them with steel flex lines:


The advantages over the standard brake lines (rubber):

  • No more aging, since no rubber hose that can become hard and cracked,
  • due to its design (steel braiding on the outside – hence the term “steel flex”), the brake line can no longer give way first in cross-section when brake pressure is built up,
  • direct and constant brake pressure and thus clearer dosage.

There are also great differences in the braking performance of standard brakes, so we use and recommend Brembo discs: very good response and dosage, even in wet conditions.

So far we have not received any complaints about brake rubbing etc.

Of course, it is important that the appropriate Brembo pads are also fitted so that compatible components are used.

Brembo Standard

brembo_standard_01            brembo_bel_vo_05brembo_bel_hi_04



If you want it to be a bit extra and more powerful (with little extra cost compared to the standard version):

Brembo maxline

brembo_maxline_vo_hi_02       brembo_maxline_hi_01


The newest version (currently only available for rear), even more braking power than Maxline, a bit more expensive in purchase:

Brembo X-tra line


The “Upper League”:

Brembo Sport S

(unfortunately no longer produced for the Barchetta – watch out for sales offers!)

bremsen_barchetta_brembo_vorne_004        bremsen_barchetta_brembo_hinten_001

These discs are good for heavy delays – without taking it in the truest sense of the word “crooked” …

A very good alternative for the brembo Sport S is the

Tarox Sport Japan:

The best “taken in the caliper” you will be finally by::

Tarox six-piston calipers

bremsen_barchetta_tarox_003 bremsen_barchetta_tarox_002

Fig..: Tarox B 6/27 mit Brembo Sport S

So here’s the “King’s Class”:

In front:

Tarox B6/32 with front brake discs with 310 mm diameter (series: 257 mm)




In the back:

Tarox disc rear, diameter 285 mm, and adapter in connection with our saddle with piston diameter 38 mm (series: 34 mm)

The caliper can also be driven with the standard brake disc. This will be modified by us so that it can be combined with the standard carrier.



Technical tip: Always give your newly mounted brake parts a certain initial braking time, i.e. no violent braking at the beginning, which can lead to glazing and hardening of the pads (applies of course to all vehicles, not only to the Barchetta)!

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