Parts – Design by DSM

Parts which make the barchetta more beautiful – cause details enjoy owners eyes….

Steeringwheel with a new leatherrespect which gives an excellent feeling when driving….

four different colors:

rosso – fits very good to red, silver, black and aubergine barchetta

blau – fits very good to blue, black and silver barchetta

yellow – fits very good to yellow, black and silver barchetta

orange – fits good to orange, blue, silver, green and black barchetta

(some pics show a version with carbonleather )

– the wheels are stitched very accurately using a very good material. delivery is in exchange with your old steering wheel – it doesn´t matter which your old one is made , either plastic or leather. your airbag is used further on.  price is euro 140.-, you have to leave a deposit of euro 180.- . when we have got your old wheel this ammount will be payed back.  special designwishes are also possible.

an amazing feeling by changing the gears – the reason is this knob…

b-car-conc-013 /euro 75.- (momo race airleather)

Center console cover, two-piece in real carbon

Are either firmly bonded to the original parts or fixed with double-sided adhesive tape.

b-car-conc-012 / Euro 198.-


Top mechanic cover: With original plastic parts mostly the mounts for the axle break. Our parts are made of cast aluminium and plastic-coated with a structured surface.

Included in delivery:
Cover left/right, two axles and new springs.

b-car-conc-001 / Euro 84.-

Belt holder made of high-strength laser-cut aluminium, plastic structure-coated.

Replaces the often shabby loops, where the Velcro tape has usually blessed the time.

More noble optics, side effect is the easier winding up of the belt.

b-car-conc-010 / Euro 68.-

Carbon belt cover

A part that catches the eye when the top is open and successfully replaces the plastic fuss.

b-car-conc-002 / Euro 175.- (Set)

Carbon entrance sills with recessed stainless steel inlet with jet engraving
(against surcharge with other motive)

b-car-conc-003 / Euro 310.- (Set)

Cover tank wall – hood box

Covers the above mentioned area and makes the meanwhile wavy cover of almost all Barchette disappear.

Available in carbon design or in black coloured GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic), which can be left as it is, lacquered or covered with artificial leather according to taste.

b-car-conc-005 / Carbon / Euro 210.-
b-car-conc-004 / GfK / Euro 160.-

Dials with filigree optics

The colouring can be designed individually, here for example with orange or yellow numbers on graphite background.

b-car-conc-015 / Euro 125.-

Carbon leather door panels (no imitation leather!)

b-car-conc-016 / Euro 350.- (Set)

Hood locking cover carbon

b-car-conc-017 / Euro 25.-

Cooler cross beam, CNC milled from high-strength aluminium profile.   Replaces the mostly totally corroded standard sheet metal part. Installation relatively simple, as only two screws have to be loosened and re-assembled.

b-car-conc-009 / Euro 73.-
Delivery on request with new rubber pads. b-kar-005 / Euro 4.- each

Coil cover blasted and plastic-coated,basic color is black matt, the lettering is of course sanded.  part in exchange

b-car-conc-006 / Euro 45.-

wind bulkhead, slim design and very effective

b-anbau-003 / Euro 165.-