Tune up: Sound

updated: 2018-11-13

A car that awakens such emotions naturally also needs a suitable sound …

The sound is accompanied by a more beautiful appearance in the form of appealing exhaust pipes.

A widespread representative of the sport exhaust system guild is Ragazzon :

The processing and the fitting accuracy are very good – a further advantage is the manufacturing from stainless steel.

italiatec auspuff2



The sound pleases by a sonorous, not too much obtrusive tone, which develops after short “drive-in time” of approximately 350 km to its final sound.  When the exhaust is hot, the story gets really “snotty” when accelerating …

italiatec auspuff6

italiatec auspuff8


Update: From Ragazzon’s side the front silencer is only available for the Euro-2-Barchettas.

Against surcharge we adapt Ragazzon silencers acquired with us, so that they fit also with the newer Barchettas with pre-catalyst (Euro 3).

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