updated: 2018-11-12 C

  • New body construction

  • Accident Damage Repair

  • Restoration

  • Cavity sealing with Mike Sanders special grease

  • Derustings

  • Paintwork

  • Paint preparation / paint care / sealing

  • Delivery of high-quality fabric tops with and without assembly in our house

Examples of comprehensive body work in our company:

Project Lancia Fulvia:

The vehicle was examined by the owner before the purchase specially by an expert office (whose name will not be mentioned here). There the Fulvia was given a grade of 2…..

Our first skepticism about the condition of the sheet metal dress (which had been painted) unfortunately became a frightening reality when our painting partner started sanding – the pictures say more than a thousand words …

Our resulting tip: Do not always trust a so-called expert blindly!

If the expert had applied his thickness gauge, the centimetre-thick filler layer in the wheel arch / rocker panel area would probably have attracted attention.

The pictures should show what the body looked like before and after our repair.

Our activities regarding the bodywork are not limited to the brand of the vehicle – i.e. the repair of all brands.

Due to the very good cooperation with our painting partner we are able to offer the entire package up to the complete completion.





One of the most frequently infested areas on the barchetta:

Rear wheel arches – here examples for “reconstructive surgery” :

Repair of rear wheel arches, including restoring the wheel arch edge

Delivered condition:

vorher2    vorher7 vorher8 vorher9 vorher10 vorher11 vorher12 vorher13 vorher14 vorher16

Intermediate state:

vorher    vorher5    vorher6

instandsetzung_radlaeufe 002

instandsetzung_radlaeufe 003 instandsetzung_radlaeufe 007 instandsetzung_radlaeufe 008 instandsetzung_radlaeufe 009 instandsetzung_radlaeufe 010 instandsetzung_radlaeufe 011

On the way to completion:

DSCF0023 DSCF0024 DSCF0026 DSCF0028 DSCF0029 DSCF0030 instandsetzung_radlaeufe 013 instandsetzung_radlaeufe 014 instandsetzung_radlaeufe 016 instandsetzung_radlaeufe 019 instandsetzung_radlaeufe 023

Complete construction:





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