Service & inspection

updated: 2018-11-13

Maintenance, inspection, repair, tuning, individual design, restoration …

We carry out all repair and service work, whereby the most careful execution by us is regarded as the highest obligation.

With the used wear parts such as toothed belt sets, spark plugs etc., we do not consider “the main thing to be cheap”, but “high quality and (its) price worth”.

For example, we use spark plugs with Iridium electrodes from NGK instead of the usual plugs with double electrodes.

This means more longevity and better engine running behaviour due to more targeted ignition sparks.



This also applies in particular to the brake parts – here we mainly use the BREMBO brand when it comes to replacing discs and brake pads in series dimensions (see also under “Tune up: Brakes“).

As mentioned above, we also offer engine overhauls, rebuilds, bodywork and welding services. We are also happy to help with questions about design.

Meanwhile we also offer an effective cavity sealing with Mike Sanders special grease (long-term test winner of the magazine “Oldtimer Praxis”) – of course also for other cars.  Ask us …

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