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we are closed for holidays:

from dec 23rd 2019  till  jan 12th 2020

We say thank you for your trust and wish you all beautiful holidays and a great start to 2020!

we have a small number of new front- logos:

euro 19.-


looking for more power goes on – Step Six !

  • first impressions under tune-up engine

Find also more news under tune-up design by dsm


Better light for cockpit and center console  with  2 watts instead of original 1.2 watts

Set with 9 bulps  / b-licht-09 / Euro 14.-

_________________________________________________________________________Filler- Cap, lockable

Version closed with 90°

  B-Tank-01 /  Euro 34.-

Version with Screw

  B-Tank-02 / Euro 33.-



One weak point less:

exhaust think rubber with additional nylon belt

  B-AUS-012   / Euro 7.-


Complete Suspension – kits see at  tune-up chassis

Reinforced hood damper set

Soft top damper set for easier opening and closing of the soft top:
These dampers have 300 Nm tractive force – compared to 250 Nm of the standard dampers.

B-KAR-014  /Set price / 2 pieces – 72.- € /

Boot lid damper

Replacement for the dampers of the boot lid, which have become tired with many Barchettas in the meantime.

   62.- € / B-KAR-015

Battery disconnection

The simple solution to protect the battery from discharging leakage current during prolonged periods of inactivity. Once the work to connect the ground cable – then interrupt the contact by removing the knurled screw.

    B-Elek-01 / 13.- €

Permanent stop for drive shaft sleeves worn down.

The installation of silicone cuffs is recommended especially for lowered vehicles. On the one hand, the material offers more reserves and, on the other hand, the narrower bellows prevent mutual abrasion. Tested without problems in our own vehicles with up to approx. 25,000 km mileage …

  b-an-0003 / 21.- €

NEW – Kit complete driveshaftsleeves in- and outside

Inside silicone, outside high- quality ( incl. nuts – driveshafts )

    b-an-0015 / Euro 90.-

The following tube types are now available as silicone replicas:

Intake tube VIS / M2

    b-di-0013 / 75.- €

Radiator tube top

    b-küh-006 / 44.- €

Radiator tube bottom

  b-küh-0005 / 44.- €

Tube in front of airbox intake channel

     b-küh-008 / 75.- €

Even more parts:

For sale (and more …):

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