Vehicle sale

updated: 2018-11-12


Our shopping cart also includes complete vehicles that have been checked, overhauled and, if necessary, repaired by us.

In the meantime, we also have a number of customers whom we have helped to find a suitable vehicle through a search order.

Currently we have several vehicles that we can offer:  sold.

  • orange – newly painted:




  • blue – newly painted in a special colour: sold.

Can’t find an offer that meets your needs?
Visit this page again soon: it will be updated regularly.

If you are interested, you should contact us quickly as a precaution!

A typical example of the vehicles we offer:

  • aubergine SOLD!

Turbine rims, tyres good, body without rust (with precaution),
inspection complete, motor, brakes, window lift slides new,
fabric hood with gaskets in good condition, lacquer condition grade 2.

aubergine_b30-018 aubergine_b30-016 aubergine_b30-010 aubergine_b30-009 aubergine_b30-008 aubergine_b30-007 aubergine_b30-006 aubergine_b30-012 aubergine_b30-013 aubergine_b30-017 aubergine_b30-018 aubergine_b30-020 aubergine_b30-021 aubergine_b3014 aubergine_b3019 aubergine_b30011

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